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How to Get More Sex Tonight

 If you have "settled" for an average sex life or are frustrated to the point of having an affair or hiring an escort, don't despair. This is a lot cheaper and you'll avoid having to explain how you picked up the HPV virus from the steam room at the gym. Follow these 3 strategies and she will be begging for you sexually every day.

Know Who You Are. There are different personalities and characteristics in men. Some of the emasculation of men in Western society has really screwed us up! Being in touch with our 'feelings' and showing our sensitive side was supposed to help matters-right?

Wrong. Stop watching Oprah, for starters. It doesn't really help you get more sex. While it is important to not be so dominant that you are cocky, it is important to retain, build and nurture your confidence and stature. It's been said that the "bad boys" get all the chicks. Not necessarily. According to ScienceDaily, women prefer mates who are recognized by their peers for their skills, abilities, and achievements, while not preferring men who use coercive tactics to subordinate their rivals. Indeed, women found dominance strategies of the latter type to be attractive primarily when men used them in the context of male-male athletic competitions.

Women are sensitive to men who display domineering behaviors. For example, the traits and behaviors that women found attractive in athletic competitions were unattractive to women when men displayed the same traits and behaviors in interpersonal contexts. Notably, when considering prospective partners for long-term relationships, women's preferences for dominance decrease, and their preferences for prestige increase.

Tip: Be strong, confident and charming, but leave the "I don't care" attitude on the playing field. Women love confidence and strength, but they don't really want to be treated poorly. It's just that most men can't balance the two and women are seduced by those charismatic bad boys. In the event you loved this information and you would like to receive more details relating to escorte Romania kindly pay a visit to our own website.

Date Her Forever. Of all the mistakes married guys make, this one is the easiest to fall into and the easiest to correct. As hunters, we stalk our prey and relish in the hunt. Our rewards during those Neanderthal days were a great feast and permission to make more people. Nowadays, our conquests consist of getting the newest PDA or earning a raise. We make up for the lack of hunting with sports and other trivial pursuits. Once you have romanced your woman, proposed and wed, many men forget how much FUN it was to pursue her, knock her down and drag her back to the cave. In fact, the hunt is always more gratifying than the meal. It usually lasts longer and makes the victory that much more satisfying.

The same holds true for our relationships. After you've paid the mortgage, taken the kids to soccer and cut the lawn, why should you have to seduce your wife for sex! You've earned it! After all, there is food on the table and she gets her hair done twice a month. Put out, baby! Uhmm....How's that working so far?

Both genders have DNA and instincts that have not evolved that much. We need the pursuit and a woman needs to be pursued. It makes her feel desired, sexy and fertile. It makes you feel strong, masculine and important.

Tip: Continue to date your wife. Girlfriends are sexy; most moms could use a makeover to become sexier and more alluring. It is up to the man to create the environment of seduction, sensuality and excitement. You are the leader, so lead.

Give Her Variety. Nothing shows you care for your woman more than to continually surprise her. I don't mean surprising her that you remembered to lower the toilet seat. That is probably asking too much. I am referring to the surprise card you gave her, the flowers you sent for no reason or the naughty text you sent out of the blue.

Women like surprises as a general rule and the more you appeal to her sense of wonder the more she will wonder what got into you! Boredom in marriages doesn't usually hit you in an instant. Rather, it creeps up on couples over months or years. Complacency and settling for your circumstances become routine and many people just assume that that's the way it is. Yuk.

Your sex life can be the catalyst for incredible love, friendship and stimulation. This isn't going to happen by doing it twice a month in the missionary position. Get a few books on sex including some titles that would make most women blush. These are readily available online or in stores, but just be sure to not order "Barney Goes to the Circus" along with your copy of "The Low Down on Going Down." If your kids open that box, you may have a few therapy sessions to pay for.
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